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School Aged Classes

The ALAC Swim2Survive Swim School is a Royal Lifesaving Society accredited swim school and all levels are instructed in line with the Royal Lifesaving Society’s swimming curriculum.

This information is provided as a guide to the requirements of each swim stage.

An assessment by our Swim School staff is recommended prior to enrolling your child into a swim stage class at ALAC.

Stage 1
Safely enter and exit the water
Exhale in water, face submerged
Open eyes under water to identify object
Submerge (waist deep minimum)
Glide forwards and recover (floatation aid acceptable)
Float or glide backwards and recover (floatation aid acceptable)
Water Safety Sequence 1

Stage 2
Glide forwards, kick 3m (correct head & body position)
Glide backwards, kick and recover
Freestyle 5m (correct head & body position, straight arms)
Scull / Tread water (basic hand and leg action)
Water Safety Sequence 2

Stage 3
Freestyle 10m with breathing
Glide backwards and kick 5m (waist deep water)
Breaststroke leg action 5m (on back with board)
Demonstrate survival sculling (on back correct head & body position)
Demonstrate forward roll (basic)
Water Safety Sequence 3

Stage 4
Freestyle 15m (regular breathing correct head & body position)
Backstroke 10m (correct head & body position)
Survival Backstroke 10m (arm recovery below water)
Breaststroke 5m (basic, correct head & body position)
Scull Head first on back (without leg action)
Recover an object (chest deep water)
Swim in deep water
Water Safety Sequence 4

Stage 5
Freestyle 25m (correct head & body position and technique)
Backstroke 15m (correct head & body position and technique)
Survival Backstroke 15m (symmetrical leg action)
Breaststroke 15m (symmetrical leg & arm action)
Demonstrate a surface dive (shoulder deep and recover an object)
Water Safety Sequence 5

Stage 6
Freestyle 50m (correct technique)
Backstroke 25m (correct technique)
Survival Backstroke 25m (correct technique)
Breaststroke 25m (correct technique)
Demonstrate a dive entry (shoulder deep minimum required)
Water Safety Sequence 6

Stage 7
Scull feet first on back (sculling hand action)
Demonstrate eggbeater kick (alternating leg action)
Swim150m (correct technique Backstroke 25m, Breaststroke 50m,
Freestyle 50m, survival backstroke 25m)
Water Safety Sequence 7

Stage 8
Sidestroke 25m (scissor leg action required)
Demonstrate Dolphin Kick (basic)
Swim 200m (correct technique, Backstroke 50m, Freestyle 50m,
Breaststroke 50m, Sidestroke 25m, survival backstroke 25m)
Water safety sequence 8

Stage 9
Butterfly 10m
Demonstrate tumble turn (basic)
Swim 300m (correct technique) - Freestyle 50m, Breaststroke 50m,
Backstroke 50m, Survival Backstroke 50m, Freestyle 50m,
Sidestroke 50m
Basic principles or DRABCD
Water Safety Sequence 9

The focus for the Swim and Survive stages is to develop an awareness of rescue techniques, resuscitation methods and survival skills. The skills listed below are a guide to the rescue skills covered in each level.

This information is provided as a guide to the requirements of each swim stage.

An assessment by our Swim School staff is recommended prior to enrolling your child into a swim stage class at ALAC.
Stage 10
Dive entry
Survival sculling for set amount of time
Survival swim dressed in clothes, various strokes
Reach rescue

Stage 11
Stride entry
Somersault forward and backward
Clothed swim
Throw rescue

Stage 12
Compact jump
Eggbeater kick
Clothed swim
Rope throw rescue, wade rescue

Stage 13 – Wade Rescue 
Timed tread water
5 minute continuous swim
Resuscitation basics
Advanced rescues

Stage 14 – Accompanied Rescue
Surface dive to retrieve object in deep water
Clothed swim
Defensive position, self-preservation methods 

Stage 15

Timed 400m swim
Clothed Survival Swim
Team Search in Deep Water
Tow Rescues
Resuscitation basics
Advanced rescues

Term 2, 2018 Timetables will be released Tuesday, 3 April 2018.

Term 2, 2018 Enrolments open Monday, 9 April 2018.

Enrolments can be made online at Albany Leisure Centre > *Swim School > Swim School online or an Enrolment Form can be completed and returned to ALAC for processing.

ALAC: Swim School Enrolment Form (51KB) View File  OR   Download FileEnrolment form for the Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre's Swim 2 Survive swim school program.

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