Swim School

Infant Lessons (6 months - 3 years)

6 months – 3 years
Introductory classes.
Parents in the water.

Available to babies from six months of age; these classes are structured for parents who want their baby or toddler to learn to swim and gain water safety skills for life.

Our programs provide education for parent/carers about aquatic environments, how to enter and exit the water safely and swimming and water safety whilst teaching buoyancy, floatation, body position, rotation and basic swimming skills.

This information is provided as a guide to the requirements of each infant swim stage.

6 – 12 months
Begin conditioning of baby for submersion using trigger words and physical cues.
When displaying readiness, undertake submersion of baby using trigger words.
Perform assisted front and back floating activities.
Encourage baby to splash arms and kick legs.
Learn to roll from side to side; front to back and back to front.

12 – 24 months
Extend baby’s breath control.
Encourage independent submersions.
Initiate independent free float activities
Continue with assisted back floats.
With encouragement, move legs up and down.
Experience pulling arms through the water and reaching for objects.

24 – 36 months
Independent submersions and good breath control.
With assistance, turn and swim back to pool edge.
Ability to hold the pool edge, hand walk along the pool edge and climb out independently.
Front and back floats using flotation aid.
Assisted and independent swims using arms and legs through the water.

Advanced 30 – 36 months
Jump safely into water, turn and swim back to wall; climb out of pool.
Good breath control; blow bubbles with face fully submerged.
Independent submersions and can kick and paddle independently.
Using a floating aid, rotate body from front to back.
Retrieve objects from bottom of the pool.
Refined propulsive movements.
Vertical body position and independent swim.

3 – 5 years
Independent swimming classes.

Classes designed to give children basic independent submersion, floating and gliding skills. The next step is to refine these basic swimming skills and extend to the correct body position, breathing practices, kicking techniques and freestyle arms.

This information is provided as a guide to the requirements of each pre-school swim stage.

An assessment by our Swim School staff is recommended prior to enrolling your child into a pre-school aged swim stage class at ALAC.

Seahorse (1A)
Safe entry to and exit from the pool.
Complete submersion and bubbles.
Assisted front and back floats.
Sculling hands.
Assisted jump entry and swim.
Starfish (1B)
Complete submersion with eyes open under water.
Independent front and back float.
Front and back glide and recover.
Horizontal swim with extended kick.
Independent jump entry, turn and return to wall.

Angelfish (2A)
Kick 5m on front and back with kick board.
Front glide 2m – horizontal body position.
Independent back glide and recovery.
Initial freestyle arms – clearing the water.
Skull and tread water – assisted.
Safe jump entry; back float; recover; swim back to the wall.

Goldfish (2B)
Front glide with kick for 3m – horizontal body position.
Independent back glide for 3m with kick.
Freestyle 5m; face submerged; arms clear of water.
Skull and tread water – unassisted.
Front float to back float – unassisted.
Safe jump entry; back float; recover; swim back to the wall.

Skippy (3A)
Swim freestyle 7m with breathing
Glide backward with kick 5m – legs extended.
Breaststroke legs with board.
Kneeling dive.
Confident swim in deep water
Show survival sculling on back.

Swordfish (3B)
Swim freestyle 10m with breathing.
Swim 5m breaststroke.
Demonstrate basic backstroke and a forward roll.
Recover an object from chest deep water.

Term 2, 2018 Timetables will be released Tuesday, 3 April 2018.

Term 2, 2018 Enrolments open Monday, 9 April 2018.

Enrolments can be made online at Albany Leisure Centre > *Swim School > Swim School online or an Enrolment Form can be completed and returned to ALAC for processing.

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